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1986 Airport-Friendly Flyer Fry Guy Blue-(Loose)-$8; (MIP)-$12ea

1986 Lego Building Sets III-Bird with Eye, Boat with Sailor-(MIP)-$10 each

1986 Stomper-Chevy Van, Jeep Renegade(Loose)--$12 ea

1987 Muppet Babies(Loose)-Kermit, Ms Piggy--$5ea

1988 Bambi-Thumper(minor specks on tail)-(Loose)-$6; Bambi(MIP)-$10ea

1987 Ducktales-U-3 Magic Motion Map-(MIP)--$8ea

1988 Ducktales II-Huey on Skates-(MIP)--$10ea

1988 Flinstones Kids Dino(MIP)-$25;(Loose)-$17

1988 Fraggle Rock-GoBo with Carrot, Red with Radish(Loose)--$5ea;Red-(MIP)--$8

1988 Mac Tonight-skateboard-(MIP)-$10

1988 McNugget Buddies-Daisy(Loose)--$7ea

1988 Turbo Mac Test-Ronald (no insert card)(MIP)-$12

1989 Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers-Chip's Rockin Racer, Gadget's Rockin Rider(Loose)-$5ea;(MIP)--$8ea

1989 Garfield-Skating; With Pookie(Loose)-$6ea; (MIP)--$9ea

1989 Legos-Giddy Gator, Tuttle the Turtle-$10ea

1989 Mickey's Birthdayland(Loose)-Mickey's Car--$7ea;(MIP) Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto--$10ea

1989 New Food Changeables-McD Pals Cube(minor corner wear on birdie stickers)-(Loose)-$10;(MIP)-$18ea

1989 Raggedy Ann & Andy-Camel w wrinkled knees(Loose)-$3ea;(MIP)--$7ea

1990 Fry Benders-Tunes(MIP)--$20

1990 Funny Fry Friends-(Loose)-Cowgirl(minor chipping on hat), Indian--$7ea;(MIP) Indian--$10ea

1990 Jungle Book(MIP)-Mowgli--$12ea;(Loose)Mowgli, Junior-$7ea

1990 Peanuts-Snoopy, Charlie Brown(Loose)-$5ea; Charlie Brown with rubs on hat-$2;(MIP)Charlie, Snoopy--$7.50ea

1990 Rescuers Down Under(Loose)-Bernard on cheese wedge--$5ea;(MIP)--$7.50

1990 Super Mario Brothers-Super Mario-(Loose)-$4ea;(MIP)--$6ea

1990 Tailspin-Baloo's Seaplane; Wildcat's Flying Machine(Loose)-$5ea;(MIP) Baloo--$8ea

1990 Tom & Jerry's Band (Loose)-Droopy--$3ea;(MIP)--$8ea

1990 Turbo Macs-Ronald-(Loose)-$6

1991 Hot Wheels Hammer & Wrench-(MIP)-$8

1991 Gravedale High-Cleofatra (Loose)--$6

1991 Looney Tunes-Daffy Duck as Bat-Duck-(MIP)$8ea;(Loose)-$4ea

1991 Mighty Mini(Loose)-Pocket Pick-up--$4ea; (MIP)-$8

1991 New Food Changeables-Bronto Cheeseburger, Fryceratops(Loose)--$5ea;Bronto Cheeseburger(MIP)--$7ea

1991 Tiny ToonsAdventure-Plucky Duck; Gogo Dodo-(Loose)-$5ea

1992 Back To The Future-Einsteins Traveling Train(MIP)-$6

1992 Hot Wheels Mini Streex-Orange Arrow-(Loose)-$5ea

1992 Water Games-Grimace w Camera Squirter(Recalled)-(MIP)-$25ea

1992 Young Astronauts-Ronald on Lunar Rover(Loose)--$5ea;(MIP)-$8ea

1992 Cabbage Patch/Tonka-Anne Louise, Dump Truck-(Loose)--$6ea; Dump Truck (MIP)-$8ea

1992 Mystery Of Lost Arches-Magic Lens Camera w White Decal-(Loose)-$5

1992 M-Squad-Spytracker-(MIP)-$6ea

1993 Dinosaurs(Loose)-Baby--$5ea

1993 Food Fundamentals(MIP)-$7.50(Loose)-Dunkan--$4ea

1993 Halloween McNugget Buddies-(MIP)McBoo McNugget--$8ea

1993 Looney Tunes Quack up Cars(Loose)-Bugs in Swingin Sedan Red--$5; Bugs in Orange Sedan--$6ea: (MIP)-Bugs in Red Sedan--$8

1993 Nickelodeon Game Gadgets(Loose)-Blimp--$5

1993 Totally Toy Holiday-Magic Nursery- Holly pajamas--$4ea; Candy Cane Pajamas-$6ea(Loose); Key Force Car-(MIP)-$7.50;Holly pajamas, Candy Cane Pajamas(MIP)-$7.50ea

1994 Animaniacs-(MIP)U-3Bicycle Built for Trio--$6ea

1994 Bobby's World-Bobby on innertube squirter(Loose)--$5ea

1994 Cabbage Patch-Sara Jane(loose)-$5ea

1994 Flintstones-Rocking Dino-(MIP)--$7.50

1994 Hotwheels-Fast Forward(MIP)-$8ea

1994 Sonic 3 the Hedgehog-Sonic Ball(MIP)-$7

1995 Space Rescue-Astro viewer w White Label(Loose)-$5ea

1995 Hot Wheels-Key Force Car-(MIP)-$7

1995 Barbie/Hotwheels-Barbie Square Window Slide(Loose)--$6; Hot Wheels Rubber Tire(Loose)$4ea-(MIP)$8ea

1995 Disneyland 40 Years Viewer-Pooh in Train-(Loose)-$5; Paint rubs on edges of cab-$3

1995 Muppet Treasure Island(MIP)-Book For Bath--$7; Loose-$4

1995 What Am I Going To Be For Halloween-Pumpkin w Popup Grimace(MIP)$8ea

1995 UNITED-Plush Airplane-(MIP)-$20;(Loose)-$15ea

1995 World of Richard Scary(MIP) Worm in apple Car--$7(Loose)-Worm in Apple Car--$5ea

1996 Aladdin and The King of Thieves(MIP)-ABU--$6

1996 Aladdin and The King of Thieves-(Loose)--ABU--$3ea

1996 Masterpiece Video-Dumbo-(MIP)-$6

1996 Marvel Super Heroes-Spiderman Ball-(MIP)-$7;(Loose)-$4

1996 VR Trooper-Sphere-(MIP)$7ea

1996 Fisher Price (MIP)---Ronald at Drive Thru, Grimace in Purple Rolling Ball, Birdie in Aqua Pop Car, Yellow/Red M shaped Key w White Ring, White Train Engine w Blue Wheels, Barn Puzzle, Boom Box Radio, Peg in Barrel, Doghouse w Puppy Inside Windup, Yellow Round Open Ball Yellow/Red/Blue Twister, Lime Green Jeep w Purple Wheels, Book on Cows, Red Clock w Blue Roof, Musical Ball/Yellow/Red/Blue, Poppity Red Car w Yellow Wheels, Balls in Tellow Ball, School Bus, Lawn Mower Popper--$5ea

1996 Fisher Price-(Loose)-Doghouse w Puppy in Window, White Train w Blue Wheels, School Bus, Boombox Radio, Peg in Barrel, Barn Puzzle Square, Ronald at Drive Thru, McDonald's Truck, Chatter Telephone, Lime Green Jeep, Red Clock Blue Roof, Birdie in Aqua Car, Purple Grimace Balls, Musical Yellow/Red/Blue Ball, Yellow Red M Shaped Key w White Ring--$3ea

1997 Fisher Price II--(MIP)-Ronald in Green/Purple Boat, Hamburglar in Burgermobile, Boy Pilot in airplane, Farmer Boy in Red Tractor, Train Engineer in Blue Train, Grimace in Store Doorway w Revolving Door, Lawn Mower Push Toy, Car w spotted Dog, Elephant Car, Taxi, Camera, Red/Yellow/Blue Stack Blocks, Chicken McNuggets, soft Drink Cup, Apple Pie, French Fries, White Car red wheels w blue/yellow ball driver--$5ea

1997 Fisher Price II-(Loose)-Hamburglar in Burgermobile, Hamburglar in Flat Hamburger Magnet, Boy Pilot in White Train, Grimace in Store Doorway w Revolving Door, Red/Yellow Readio w Blue Dial, Lawn Mower Push Toy w Character Pictures--$3ea

1998 French Squirter Toy--$5



1996 Animainiacs on Skateboard(Loose)-Cop Guy--$3ea; MIP-$5ea

1998 Casper-Fatso in Caldron Squirter-(MIP)-$6each


1994 Inspector Gadget-Inspector Squirter(Loose)--$3

1998 Dino Stompers-Stegasaurus, Raptor-(MIP)-$4ea


1997 Star Wars(Loose)-Yoda--$2

1998 Mario Brothers-Yoshi-(MIP)-$5ea;(Loose)-$3ea


Purple bird with Blue beak squirter(Loose)--$2

1993 Endangered Animal Games-Elephant Puzzle-3 pieces-(Loose)-$7


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