1988 Set of four MIP; Benny the Bowler, Anita Break. Each is MIP with collector card--$10each

1988 Loose Benny bowler, Alotta Stile, Buster with surfboard--$7 each

1987 Hardee's-Sax Player--$6ea

1987 right hand up, left down, orange shoes "Ben Idansun"--6ea

1987 one hand up, one down, blue shoes "Justin X. Grape"--6ea

1988 Hardees-Trumpy Truenote, SB Stunz, Rollin Rollo, Captain Toonz, Waves Weaver, ff strings--$25 set

1988 w drums; w/black hat, black shoes "Beebop" MIP--$25

1988 w/ bass fiddle, grey pointed shoes "Stretch"--$15

1988 w grn hula skirt, yellow high heels, white long gloves--$25

1988 w Santa Hat (some pin prick size chips on one side of hat, not really noticable, but you should know it is not mint, displays well though.)-$12

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