1987 Teddy Ruxpin-Newton Gimmick--$6ea

1990 Babar Vehicles-Queen Celeste in Helecopter--$6ea

1991 Babar's World Tour Stampers-Rataxes "Message from "--$6ea

1994 Yogi & Friends Crazy Cruisers-Cindy--$4ea

1995 Yogi & Friends-Mug shot book, Sketch Artist--$3ea

1996 Doodle Top-Huckleberry Hound--$3ea

1996 Yogi & Friends Spirograms-Cindy--$3ea

1996 Junglezoids-Turtazoid, Gorillazoid--$2ea

1996 Yogi & Friends-Fun Tracer Puzzles, 2 different varieties--$4ea

1997 Adventures in Construction-Train--$3ea

1997 Monster Doh-Dracula--$2ea

1997 The Circus-Firetruck Pullback, Squirter Elephant, Human Cannonball--$3ea

1998 Computer Adventures-PC Pinball, Mouse Maze--$3ea

1998 Island Adventure-Jungle of Doom Gameboard, Shipwrecked, Coconut Bowl--$3ea

1998 Pirate Adventure-Poppin Pirate--$2ea

1999 Adventures in Sports-Softball--$1ea

1999 Elmo in Greenland-Grouch in Garbage Can--$4ea


PVC Big Boy Riding Wave--$7.50

3" Bendy--$5ea


1996 Sea Creature Mold--$1ea

1997 Casper-Applegate Tower Mystery Mansion, Casper Decoder--$4ea

1997 Digs Dinosaur Adventure-Dino Caliper, Weather Station--$3ea

1997 Discover With Digs-Cup, Cuplid & Finger Puppet--$2ea


1998-200 4 You--$2ea


1990 Fender Bender 500-Magilla Gorilla and Wally Gator--$5

1992 Bendable Buddies Giraffe--$2

1992 Roller Blade-Safe Skatin Happy--$5ea

1993 Addams Family-Cousin Itt--$6ea

1994 Bone-A-Fide Friends-Topsy--$4ea

1994 Key Racers-Green Pickup--$3ea

1994 Raging Reptiles-Teal, Orange--$3

1995 Lifesavers-Green--$2

1995 Overbites Pencil Topper-Purple guy flat top hair, Pink guy flat top hair--$3ea

1995 Star Catch-$4

1996 Bump in the Night Pencil Toppers w Pencils--Green--$3ea

1996 Dinopour Ketchup Toppers--Green, Purple--$4ea

1996 Racers-Yellow Star--$2ea

1996 Tootsie Roll Train-Purple Tootsie Roll Car--$3ea

1997 Earth Worm Jim--Snott Squirter, Monster Dog& Peter Puppy, Earth Worm Jim Plasma Blaster, Princess What's her name Spinner--$3ea

1997 Garfield-Garfield on Skis, Garfield on Snow Plow--$5ea

1997 Hercules & Xena-Hercules Mini Disk Launcher--$4ea

1997 Sonic Mini Viewer-Tails--$3

1997 Tick Squirters- One Ton U-3, The Tick, Arthur--$5ea

1997 Where is Carmen Sandiego--Spy Camera Right Angle Viewer--$3ea

1998 Animaniacs-Wakko Yakko & Dot Free Wheel Racer--$3ea

1998 Bad Attitoads-Socca-toad, Dunka-toad--$3ea

1998 Crazy Cosmics-Tumbling Robot, Flying Saucer, Moon Boat--$3ea

1998 Eerie Indiana-Milk Truck Sticker Dispenser, ATM Money Grabbing Bank, Rolling Alley Gator Action Toy, Mummy Head Coin Holder--$3ea

1998 Space Goofs-Glow in Darc Cosmic Cruise Spinning Top & Maze--$2ea

1998 Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries-Sylester & Tweety Pullback Roller, Cheese Scene Top, The Cheese is on View, Sylvester Face Squirter, Runaway Chair--$4ea

1998 Woody Woodpecker-Bike Spinner--$3ea

1999 Blazing Bugs-Bug Shooter--$3ea

1999 Felix the Cat-Felix Binoculars--$4ea

1999 Flying Rhino Jr. High-Phantom Transformer--$3ea

1999 Jetsons-Astro Crazy for the Cats, George's Joyride, Galactic Gazer, Elroy's sky Surfer--$4ea

1999 Nuttiest Nutcracker-Cracked Mac Launcher--$3ea

1999 Pink Panther-Jet Groover, Jet Ski Jammer, Clouseau Sticker Dispenser, Magnificent Magnifier--$4ea

1999 Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain-Brain Box with temporary tattos, Elmyra Mouse Launcher--$3ea

1999 Spiderman-Hovercraft--$3ea

1999 Spy Dogs-Ralph Hydrant Squirter, Angus Periscope--$3ea


2000 Big Buy Rusty-Rusty's Alien Equalizer Pull Ring Flyer--$3ea

2000 Cow an Chicken-Take Along TV w hole punch--$3ea

2000 Tiny Toon Adventures-Downhill Duck--$3ea

2000 Tom & Jerry-Speeding Spike Launcher--$3ea


1992 Rock-A-Doodle-Chanticleer, Edmund, Peepers, Grand Duck of Owl, Patou, Sniper--$5ea

1994 Dinosaur Paint Set--$4

1996 Dennis the Menace Blo Karts-Margaret--$3ea

1997 Cosmic Cosmos-Coloring Kit-$2ea

1997 Dino Finger Puppet--$3ea

1997 Double Agent Gear-Secret Magnifier--$3ea

1997 Flintstones-Rock DQ-Wilma on Keyboards--$4ea

1997 Pound Puppies-Goof Ball--$2ea

1998 Double Dip Cone Whistle--$4ea

1998 Kids Pic-Nic-Cone w 2 faces, Blizzard Bendy, Sundae Walker, Magic Cube, Banana Split on Wheels, Ice Cream Sandwich on Surfing Board in Water Ball--$5ea

1998 Mini Rubics Cube--$2.50 ea

1999 DQ Cone Coin Trick--$5ea

1999 Jungle Spring--$3ea

2000 Woody Woodpecker-Rocket Racer Launcher--$4ea


1990 Stone Age Cruiser-Bam Bam (Cut in Package)--$2ea

1990 Glacier Glider-Barney--$3ea

1990 Dino Racer-Fred--$3ea

1990 Rock & rollers--Fred--$4ea

1990 Flintstone Squirter-Wilma, Barney, Bam Bam--$3ea

1990 Flinstone Vehicles-Barney, Bam Bam, Wilma, Pebbles, Fred--$4ea: Barney $3 Bag has box knife slashes.

1991 Dino Makers-Purple Wooly Mammoth, Pink Tyranasaurus, Yellow Pig something--$4ea

1992 Jetsons-Crayon Fun Game-George-$5ea

1992 Jetson Space Cards-Phenomenon, Constellations--$4ea


1989 Ghostbusters II-Gray Siren-Recalled--$15ea

1989 Tang Trio-Flap, Tag, Awesome Annie, Lance(With trading cards in packages)--$5ea

1990 Days of Thunder Racers-Hardees #18, Superflo #46, City Chevy #46, Mellow Yellow #51--$4ea

1990 Fender Bender 500-Dick Dastardly & Muttley in Dirty Truckster, Magilla Gorilla & Waly Gator in Swamp Stomper, Quick Draw McGraw & Boba Looey in Texas Twister, Snagglepuss & Huckleberry Hound in Lucky Trucky--$5ea

1991 Flintstones 1st 30 years-Fred & TV, Dino & Jukebox, Pebbles & Telephone, Bamm Bamm & Pinball Machine--$7ea

1991 Kazoo Crew-Bear First Mate, Crewman--$5ea

1991 Waldo & Friends Strawbuddies-Waldo--$3ea

1991 Waldo & Friends Holiday Ornaments-3 sets of 3 each-$3 set

1992 Cyclin Gear-Bike Lock--$3ea

1992 Jungle Book Activity Fun Puzzle--$3ea

1993 Camp California-Squirter--$3ea

1993 Dinosaurs in my Pocket-Tyrannosaurus--$3ea

1993 Hardees Racer--$2ea

1993 Hardees Squirters-Yellow Fries, Pink Shake, Orange Hamburger, Hotdog--$4ea

1993 Magic Zoo straws--Elephant--$2ea

1993 Muppet Christmas Carol Finger Puppets-Ms. Piggy, Gozzie, Gonzo--$4ea

1993 Treasure Trolls-Blue hair--$3ea

1994 Dinobend Buddies--Yellow--$3ea

1994 Eureeka Castle Stamper-Magellan Heart Stamp--$4ea

1994 Nickelodeon Kids-Doug, Spunky--$5ea

1994 Soak N Fly Frisbee--$3ea

1994 Speed Bunnies-Stretch--$3ea

1994 Swan Princess-Rothbart with Snap on Great animal Costume, Princess Odette changes to Swan, Prince Derek with Moving Arm, Jean Bob Spinning Top, Puffin Walking figurine; Meal Bag--$40 Set

1994 Tattoads w tattoos-Toadster, Toadette, Toadinator--$3ea

1995 Balto-Balto, Rosie and Jenna on Sled--$6ea

1995 Eek the Cat-Annabelle, The Terrible Thunder Lizards--$4ea

1995 Goofers--Green face Blue lips--$2ea

1995 Hummingbirds-Kooky Kazoos, Toot-can--$3ea

1995 Micro Super Soakers-Super Saturator, Bow & Arrow--$3ea

1995 Wild Wonders-Gorilla--$3ea

1995 X-Men-Storm Vs. Phantasia, Rogue vs. Avalanche, Wolverine vs. The Blob, Cyclops vs. Commando--$5ea

1996 Creature Feature-Fish Poppers, Tumble Bugs, Run Around--$2ea

1996 Radriders-Squirter Surfer, Balencing Skateboarder, Pull Cord BMX Racer--$4ea

1996 Small Frights-Whistlin Wolfie, Walkin Frankie, Wobblin & Stretchin Mummie, Balencin Drackie--$4ea

1997 Cabana Kids-Kaleidoscope--$3ea

1997 Classic Games-Mouse Trap, Tonka--$4ea

1997 Magic School Bus-Mr. Frizzle Glider--$3ea

1997 Physicats-Magnitube, Topsy Turvy--$3ea

1998 Beetleborg Viewers-Flabbers Pipe Organ Viewer--$3ea

1999 Jetsons-Galactic Gazer, George's Joyride, Elroy's Sky Surfer, Astro's Crazy for Cats--$3ea

1999 Nuttiest Nutcracker-Cracked Maclauncher, Lil Peas Runaway Stan, Fromage Flyer, Snow Sabatoge Launcher--$3ea


1992 Pancake Kids-Charlie Chocalate Chip, Susie Strawberry--$6ea

1994 Pancake Kid Cruisers-Cynthia Cinnomon Apple, Frenchy, VanDerGus, Bonnie Blueberry, Betty Buttermilk--$6ea

1996 Peter Potatoe--$5ea

1996 Rolling Toys-Susie Strawberry in Maroon Car, Chocolate Chip Charlie on purple skateboad, Bonnie Blueberry in Blue Boat, Cynthia Cinnamon Apple in Red Firetruck, Harvest Harvey in Airplane, Rosanna Banana Nut in Green Car, VanDerGus in Blue Truck--$5ea


1995 Discover Your World-Colors, Outer space Activity Book--$1ea

1996 Animaniacs--Blue guy on Purple Skateboard--$3ea

1996 Funsters-Duckdo, Jee--$3ea

1996 Doug-Sally,Porkchop the Dog--$8ea

1996 Jack Cup with Curly Straw--$2ea

1997 Extreme Machines-Red Plane, Green Speedy--$2ea

1997 Hacky Sack Balls in Rainbow colors with Jack in Box Logo--$3ea

1997 Hercules & Xena--Mini Disk Launchers-Hydra--$3ea

1997 Jack Vehicles-Jack on all Black Motorcycle--$6ea


1997 Life with Louie-Louie & Mama on Green Trike, Louie & Huffy, Bad Louie on black bike--$4ea

1997 Stencil Fantastics-$2ea

1997 Jack Inflatable beachball--$3ea

1998 Casper Ghost Train w Glow in Dark Characters-Set of 4 train pieces--$20

1998 EERIE Indiana-Eerie Alien, Twins in a Tub--$3ea

1998 Glow in Dark Fun shapes-5 in package--$3ea

1998 Jack Figures-Jack w Burger, Jack w Laptop, Jack w newspaper, Jack w golf club--$5ea

1998 Jack Vehicles Jack in Red Convertible, Jack in Boat, Jack on Yellow Tractor, Jack on Black and Purple Motorcycle, Jack in Helicopter, Jack in Golf Cart--$5ea

1998 Jack on Reindeer Christmas Ornament--$3ea

1998 Kratts Cratures-Purple Rhino, Tootsie the Toucan, Ttark, Icy the Polar Bear, Fins the Dolphin, Theo the Monkey, Fred the Snake--$2ea

1998 Mini Game Classics-Battleship Water Game, Finger Twister, Hungry Hungry Hippo Pinball, Cootie Windup Walker--$4ea

1998 Space Goofs-Face Former--$2ea

1999 Jack Bendies-Cheerleader, Stockbroker, Businessman, Hawaiin Shirt--$4ea

1999 Jack Jock Figures-Parachute Jack, Luge Jack, Kayak Jack, Nascar Jack, Fisherman Jack, Snowboarder Jack, Scuba Jack--$4ea

1999 Jack Pez Dispensers-Red Stem, Yellow Stem, Blue Stem--$5ea

1999 Universal Studio Monsters-Dracula, Creature From Black Lagoon, Phantom of Opera, Mummy, Wolfman, Frankenstein--$5ea

1999 Jack Snowman Ornament--$3ea

1999 Sega-Bug Wind-up Walker, Ecco Wind-up Swimmer--$3ea

1999 Super Heroes-Aqua Man, Darkseid, Batmobile, Flash--$5ea

2000 Jack Millenium Ball Antenna Topper--$10ea

2000 Jetson's-Collapsible Rosie, George & Astro Treadmill Turnaround, Elroy's Jet Pack Launcher, Jane Stop this Crazy Thing, Phone Fun Judy; Rosie, Astro, Elroy, Judy,George Jetson Back Pack Buddy--$4ea

20000 Nerf-Extreme Ring Toss, Football, Bowling, Basketball, Hydroball, Nerf Launcher--$3ea

2000 Pocket Toys-Game of Life, Mr. Mouth, Tinkertoy, Aggravation, Operation, Mouse Trap--$4ea

2000 Spring Break Fever-Frisbee, Airplane, Hackey Sack, Football, Sunglasses--$4ea

2000 Travel Game-3 level Maze, Tic Tac Toe, In the Bag Water Game, Hangman's Magic Slate, Match Game--$4ea

2000 Wide World of Jocks-Karate Jack, Astronaut Jack, Surfing Jack, Mountain Climber Jack, Dog Racer Jack, Hockey Goalie Jack--$4ea

2000 Holiday Antenna Ball-$5ea

2001 Jack 50th Anniversary Gold Antenna Ball--$20ea

2001 Superheroes-Steel, Hawkman, Supergirl, Robin, Batgirl, Superman, Wonderwomen, Shazam, Batman--$5ea


1990 Water Blaster--$3ea

1994 Travel Series Map and Stickers--$2ea

1995 Free Willy-Luna, Spot--$4ea

1997 Joe Cool Mystery Series-Camera squirter, Pen, Flashlight, Magnifier Watch--$3ea

1997 Oliver Twist-Twist a Story Coloring Roll--$4ea

1997 Oliver Twist-Twisty character Blocks-2 variations--$4ea

1997 Winter Muppetland-Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo--$5ea

1998 Lost in Space-Robot--$4ea

1998 Mega Blocks-Jet Airplane--$4ea

1999 Treasure Chest--$3ea


1996 Chester Cheetah-Frisbee--$3ea

1996 Eek!Stravaganza-Kutter Copter, Kool Moves Doc--$5ea

1996 Timba & Pumba-Jungle river riding Timon, Snail snackin Timons, Hawaiin Luau Pumbaa--$5ea

1997 Masked Rider-Ecto viewer wrist band, Masked rider Super Gold--$3ea


1992 Frankster-On Ice Skates with Helmet--$7.50ea

1993 Frankster-Surfer, Baseball Player, Soccer Player--$6ea

1994 Frankster-Snorkler w Fins, Baseball Player w Bat, Baseball Player w glove, Basketball Player, Cheerleader, Football Player, Surfer, Tennis Player--$6ea

1995 Frankster-Super Hero--$6ea

1996 Frankster-Water Skier, Soccer Player, Baseball Player--$6ea

1997 Frankster Water Games-Frankster on Jet Ski, Frankster on Surfboard--$6ea


1994 Marsupilami-Jump Rope--$6ea


Holiday Bendables-Snowman--$4

Runza Rex Finger Puppets-Bronty the Burgasaurus, Cornelius the Corn Dogasaur, Runza Rex--$4ea

1997 Holiday Runza Beanies-Brown Bear on belly with Santa Hat--$4ea

1997 Glitter Wand-Red--$4ea

1998 Beanie-Bronty--$4ea

1998 Book- Chompers Magnificent Imagination, Cornelius and his Colorful Collection--$3ea

1998 Color Change Spoon-Chomper, Cornelius--$4ea

1998 Finger Puppets-Runza Rex, Chomper, Bronty--$4ea

1998 Picture Puzzle Cube--$3ea

1999 Bookmark or Pocket Clip-Bronty Burgasaurus, Runza Rex--$4ea

1999 Hacky Sack-Duck Head--$2ea

1999 Hand Puppets-Runza Rex, Chomper--$2ea

1999 Halloween Mask-Cornelius--$2ea

1999 Vinyl Dino Case Clip On-Cornelius--$3ea

2000 Dancing Dino Finger Puppets-Bronty--$3ea

2000 Dino Clips-Runza Rex, Chomper--$3ea

Foam Figures-Runza Rex and Cornelius; Runza Rex and Chomper--$2ea


1990 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Whistle with Paper Band--$5

1994 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Whistle with Paper Band, Narrow Base--$4ea


1995 Crazy Strawlers-Squirm--$2

1996 Bouncing Planets-Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune--$3ea

1997 Airhogs-Hog in Yellow polka dot shorts, Hog in Purple Shorts--$5ea

1997 Chew Chew Train-Dr. Pepper Engine, Fry Car, Hamburger Car, Grilled Cheese Car, Ketchup Car, Hot Dog car, Tater Tot Car--$5ea

1997 Slush Squirters-Grapster, Opal Orange, Cherry, Larry Lime, Coconutty, Betty Bubblegum--$4ea

1997 Wacky Pack Hurl a Critter-Butterfly, Lizard, Frog, Ladybug--$3ea



1994 Explore Space-Lunar Lander, Astronaut--$8ea

1994 The Santa Clause-Comet the Reindeer, Santa 3-D Puzzle, Action Snow Globe, Elfs action Figure, Santa Claus Action Figure--$25 set of 5

1994 Tall Tales-Paul Bunyan on Ox--$3ea

1995 Erectro Junior-Plane--$3ea

1995 Playdoh Shape Maker--$3ea

1996 Speedsters-Le Bolide--$3ea

1997 Blocks-Watercraft, Glider, Windmill, Helicopter--$4ea

1997 Cats Don't Dance-Dancing Danny, Dancing Sawyer--$5ea

1997 Dough-Car Play set, U-3 toy blocks--$3ea

1997 Eek Strava Ganza--Eek Fan Whistle, Eek Squirter, Annabelle, Sharkey--$3ea

1997 Sea Splashers-Coral Trout, Emperor Angel Fish--$3ea

1997 Simpsons-Skateboarding Bart, U-3 Musical Lisa, Spinning Bartman, Donut-Chasing Homer--$5ea

1997 Snap Itz--$3ea

1997 Speed Bumpers-U-3 toy, Blaze Racer, Lucky Lime, Blue Bumper--$3ea

1997 BART Hologram Watch--$15 each

1997 Dinosaur Playdoh Playset--$3ea

1997 Dino Stompers-Dimetrodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Parosaurolophus--$4ea

1998 Blues Clues-Handy Dandy Notebook, Blue, Shovel & Pail, Mailbox--$4ea

1998 King & I Finger Puppets--Little Princess, Elephant--$3ea

1998 Marvin the Martian's 50th Anniversary-Ruler of the Universe, Spaceship Stamper Set, Galaxy Crayon Case, Clipboard and Notepad--$5ea

1998 Paulie-Whistling Paulie, Wing Flapping Paulie--$3ea

1998 Sports Illustrated Kids-Soccer Sack, Mini Football, Super Baseball--$3ea

1998 Stunt Racers-Under 3 cars Green, Orange; Launcher Set, Crash Wall Set, Road Action Set--$3ea

1998 Superheroes Hangers-Flash--$3ea; Wonder Women--$5ea

1999 Blues Clues-Flip Flop Blue, Slippery Soap, Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper--$4ea

1999 Histeria-Famous Moments Viewfinder--$3ea

1999 Kipper--My friend Kipper--$3ea

1999 Maisy-Dress Up Maisy--$3ea

1999 Mil-Looney-Um Clips-Roadrunner, Marvin Martian, Tweety Bird, Wylie Coyote, Daffy, Taz, Sylvester, Bugs, Foghorn, Porky Pig--$4ea

2001 Johnny Bravo-Johnny's Cool Hair Kit--$3ea


1994 Star Gazer Activity Set w Glow in Dark Stickers--$1ea

1995 Earthworm Jim-Rocket Ripper--$4ea

1995 Flinstone Stoneage Stampers-Fred, Barney, Dino, Pebbles--$3ea

1995 Jungle Mix-ups-3 different sets of 2 in a package--$4ea pk.

1995 Mask-Ooze N Form, SSSS...Top me, Switch Cover, Milo with Mask--$4ea

1995 Masked Rider-Secret Hideaway Belt clip, Mystic Chamber--$3ea

1995 Nacho & dog-Couch Mobile, Dog Sticker Dispenser(open bag)--$2ea

1995 Nacho & Dog-Taco--$3

1995 Tick-Tick on Wheels, Thrackkorzog Squirter--$5ea

1996 Ace Ventura-For the Birds, Unpredictaball--$3ea

1996 Goosebumps-Skullmobile, wrappin mummy--$3ea

1996 Life with Louie-Magic Slate--$2ea

1996 Shaq Pogs set of 6--$3ea

1996 Tick-Arthur, Sewer Urchin, Balencing Tick --$6ea

1997 Batman & Robin-Botanical Trap, On Ice--$4ea

1997 Goosebumps--The House in Dark Falls 3-D Puzzle--$4

1997 Monster Eyes-Fangs, Bones, Howls, Scares, U-3 Pumpkin Eye Fun Ball--$3ea

1997 Nacho & Dog-Dunk Bank, Pop & catch, Popback--$3

1997 Mask-Mask Flyer, Pretorius Wind-up, Whistling Spinning Top--$5ea

1997 Mario Brothers-Donkey Kong Tree Maze, Mario Kart 64 Joystick, Mario Maze, Star Fox 64 Shootout--$4ea

1997 Star Wars-8 piece set plus U-3--$32

Lost World Field Guide--$3ea

1998 Matchbox-Humvee-MOC--$5ea

1998 Space Goofs-Unbeatable Bud--$2ea

1998 Tank Squirt Vehicle, Air Jet Disk Launcher, Claw Rock--$2ea

Street Sharks-Big Slammu Jawsome Chomper--$2ea

1999 Animorphs-Cassie/Anteater, Claw to hand Watch--$3ea

1999 Chihuahua Bongo Drum--$4ea

1999 Chihuahua-Yo Quiero Dog 3", Coin Purse, Smarties Dog dispenser--$4ea

1999 Godzilla Helicopter Launcher--$3ea

2000 Big Guy Rusty-Atomic Man w Gushing alien, Flying Rusty, Stomping Big Guy--$3ea

2000 Digimon-Digivice with 3 metal cards-Purple, Red--$3ea

2000 NCAA Final Four-Basketball Toss and Catch, Mini Basketball & Backboard, Backpack Clip--$3ea


1996 Animal Friends-Tortoise, White Tiger, Black Cat, Killer Whale--$5ea

1997 Alpha Robots--lette L--$2


1995 Food Avenue Vehicles-Hot Dog in blue hot rod, Cheesy in red sportscar--$5ea

1996 Dino Tracks-Tyranosaurus, Terydactil--$3ea

1996 Hillshire Sports Figurines-Weight Lifter, Torch Runner--$6ea

1997 Snowden Finger Puppets-Einstein, Simon--$3ea


Dawg Sled--$2


1989 All Dogs Go To Heaven-Itchy--$6ea

1989 Potato Kids-Fireman Sparky, Cap'n Kid, Slugger, Policeman Duke, Nurse Sophie--$9ea

1990 Alf-Sleeping Beauty, 3 little pigs--$4ea

1990 Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids-Dumb Donald, Russell--$20ea

1992 Dino Game--$4

1993 Glo-a-heads-Sucker Figurine, Pull Back Racer--$3ea

1993 Weird Writers-Set of 5 flourecent color monster writers--$15 set

1994 Good Sports-Golf Game, Football Game--$3

1995 Techno tows-Shovel Truck Tow--$3

1996 Club Cave-Pick-up Bones--$3ea

1996 Felix the Cat-Stuffed Toy--$4ea

1996 Wishbone-Earthdigger--$3ea

1996 Shark-Shark Viewer Boat--$3

1996 Where in the World is Carmen San Diego-Flashlight/Spyglass--$3

1997-Bruno the Kid--Sunscreen Squirter, Binocular Car, Balencing Plane--$3ea

1997 Cycle on Coca Cola Stickers--$4

1997 Dexters Laboratory-Test Tube Pen--$3ea

1997 Tricky Tints Sun Visor--$3ea

1997 Pinky & the Brain--Mighty Max type Playset Lab--$4ea


1989 Castle Meal Friends-Sir Wincelot--$5ea

1991 Castleburger Dudes-Cheeseburger Dude--$5ea

1993 Triassic Take Aparts-Spine-asaur--$2ea

1994 Sport Panda-Panda w Surfboard--$4ea

1997 Coloring Activity Kit-Castle Fry Dudette--$3ea

1997 Galactic Goofs-Pluto Pete, Cosmos Amos, Black Hole Bill, Meptune Ned & Ted--$5ea

1997 Ice Pop Maker-Willis--$3ea


1997 Cash Stash Keychains-Roger Rhino, Wassup Weasel, Wiener Dog, Rosanne Iguana Wanna--$3ea

1999 Bendables-Hot Dog Man--$5ea


Bart on Donut w Conversation Bubble and stickers--$5ea


If you have comments or suggestions, or would like to place and order please email me at