1981 Mr. Men- Mr. Strong, Mr. Bump, Mr. Bounce--$4ea

1981 Little Miss-Little Miss Sunshine--$4ea

1987 Looney Tunes On Oval Bases-Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam--$4ea

0.1989 Looney Tunes Car Tunes-Yosemite Sam Rockin Frockin Wagon, Sylvester Cat-illac, Daffy Duck Dragster, RoadRunner Sled(Small paint rub on cheek)--$4ea

1989 Looney Tunes Fun Figures-Fireman Sylvester--$4

1990 Babar's World Tour Finger Puppets-Queen Celeste, Pom, Alexander & Zepher--$4ea

1990 Babars World Tour Vehicles-King Babar, Alexander, Zephar--$3ea

1992 Babar's World Tour Racers-Cousin Arthur , Queen Celeste, King Babar--$3

1992 Babar's World Tour Squirters-Alexander--$3

1992 Babar's World Stampers-King babar, Zephar--$3ea

1993 Yogi & Friends Mini Disk-Ranger Smith-$2

1994 Yogi Crazy Cruisers Winter Wonderland-Snagglepus,Cindy on Tobaggan, Yogi--$3ea

1994 Yogi & Friends Squirters-Yogi, Boo Boo, Cindy--$3ea

1995 Yogi Snow Domes-Yogi, Snagglepuss--$4

1995 Yogi & Friends- Fun Tracer Puzzles-Set 1, Set 2--$5

1996 Yogi -Puzzle Cube--$3

1996 Puzzle Cubes-Huckleberry Hound, Top Cat--$2ea

1996 Purple Guy Transformer--$2ea

1997 Circus-Elephant Squirter(also U-3 for set)--$3

1997 Red Dragon Magnifier--$3(really cool piece)


1991 Pinky the Spoon--$4ea


1989 Blue Captain--$@


1991 Where's Waldo-Waldo Holding Books--$2

1992 Camp California-Volleyball, Bear Holding Surfboad squirter--$2ea

1992 Dino Pour Bottle Toppers-Green, Yellow--$3ea

1992 Muppet Parade-Fozzie in Blue Car, Kermit in Red Car, Ms. Piggy in Purple Car--$6ea

1993 Addans Family-Cousin Itt Bubble Blower--$4

1993 Happy Star-Hockey Puck--$2

1994 Beakman's World--Puzzle Cube--$2

1994 Bone-A-Fide Friends-Ty, Topsy(Green and Orange), Donnely, Steggly--$3ea

1994 Chipmonks Cars in Snow Domes-Alvin,  Simon, Brittany, Theodore--$2ea

1994 Key Racers-Purple Lightening truck, Pink VW Bug--$2ea

1994 Funhouse Faces-Red, Blue--$1ea

1994 Raging Reptiles-Orange, Teal, Green--$1.50

1994 Two Penguins on a rolling wheel--$1

1995 Blue Head Pencil Topper--$2

1995 Lifesavers-Green, Red, Yellow, White, Orange--$1.50

1995 Rollerblade Superstar--$3

1995 U-3 Purple Dinosaur with ice cream cone--$2

1995 Stunt Grip Gecko-Various Colors--$1.50

1996 U-3 Red Flat top Pig Squirter--$2

1996 Blue Jet

1996 Popping Heads with Suction cup/two varieties--$1.50

1996 Racers-Orange,Pink, Blue, Yellow--$2ea

1996 Spinner Whistles-2 animals chasing each other, Guy chasing fries--$2ea

1996 Hanna Barbara Cartoon-Orange guy in Purple Chair-$1

1996 Pirate Parrot Chip Clip--$3

1996 Snake-Purple head on accordian tube--$1

1996 Sonic Viewers-Knuckles, Tails, Sonic--$3ea

1996 Swat Cats-Red Car--$1

1996 Tootsie Toll Train--Red Engine, Green Car, Purple Car, Yellow Car--$2ea

1997 Earth Worm Jim-Princess What's her Name Spinner--$3ea

1997 Littlle Louis-Compass--$2


1989 Flintstone Dolls-Wilma, Fred, Barney, Betty,

1990 Flintstones Glacier Gliders-Pebbles, Barney, Dino, Bam Bam, Happy--$2ea

1990 Flintstone Vehicles-Fred, Wilma, Barney, Pebbles, Bam Bam, Dino

1991 Flintstone Dino Makers-Mastodon--$4

1991 Flinstones Dino Racers-Fred, Pebbles, dino, Betty, Barney--$2ea

1991 Flintstones Rock and Rollers-Barney, Mastadon, Bam Bam, Fred--$5ea

1991 Flinstones fun Squirter-Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Bam Bam, Dino--$2ea

1991 Flintstone Stone Age Cruisers-Fred, Wilma, Barney, Dino--$4

1992 Jetson Pencil Toppers-Rosie the Robot--$4

1992 Jetson Planets-Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune--$2ea

1992 Jetsons-Spacecard-Planets--$3ea

1993 Spinners-Purple--$2ea


1991 Double Ice Cream Cone Whistle--$3

1992 Rock-A-Doodle-Chanticleer--$5ea

1993 Mix & Match Dinosaurs-Brontasauras Purple--$2

1994 Dennis the Menace-Dennis in Firetruck, Joey in Jalopy--$4ea

1995 Jetsons-Astro on Treadmill--$5

1996 Blue rocket plane rev-up-$1

1996 Magic School Bus-Bus Whistle--$3


1987 Noid-Magician Noid, Jackhammer Noid--$3


Fazoli Flyer--$3

Blue Ruler--$1


1989 Beach Bunnies-Holding Beach Ball--$4

1990 Fender Bender 500-Yogi & Boo Boo in Jellystone Jammer, Huckleberry Hound & Snagglepuss in Lucky Trucky, Magilla Gorilla & Wally Gator in Swamp Stomper, Dick Dastardly & Muttley in Dirty Truckster, Quick Draw McGraw & Baba Looey in Texas Twister--$4ea

1990 Food Squiters-Hotdog--$5

1990 Smurfs-Shy boy with Flowers; Graduate, Girl on Roller Skates, Papa with telescope--$3ea

1990 Smurfs on Surfboards-Surfing Smurfette green skateboard, Standing Tall Smurf orange skateboard--$5ea (no stickers)

1991 Tang Mouth-Flap--$3

1993 Food Squirtes-Shake--$4

1994 Swan Princess-Puffin Walker--$4ea

1994 Nicktoon Cruisers--Ren, Rocko, Angelica Pickles, Spunky, Doug--$4ea

1996 Animobiles-Cat in Blue Car, alligator in Red Car--$3ea


1992 Pancake Kids-Chocolate Chip Charlie, Susie Strawberry, Frenchy--$5ea

1995 Cowboy in airplane, Blueberry in Blue Boat, Chocolate Chip on Purple skateboard--$5ea

1997 Cynthia Cinnamon Apple in Firetruck, Frenchy on Purple motorcycle, Rosanna Banana Nut driving Green Car--$5ea


1992 Jack Pack Bendable Buddies-Pink Betty Burger, Blue Burger, Onion Ring(brown or blue), Purple Fries--$5

1993 Jack Pack Finger Puppets-Betty Burger, edgar egg roll, Jumbo Jack--$5ea

1996 Animainiacs on Skateboards-brownguy/green board, pinky/orange board-$2ea; U-3 Cop--$4

1996 Doug-Judy, Sally--$4ea; Doug, Judy, Sally(no Outfits)-$1ea

1996 Jack cup with Twisty Straw--$2

1996 Prism Ball-$2ea

1996 Bendable Jack-Jack with Briefcase, Jack with Cellphone, Jack with Hamburger--$3ea

1997 Extreme Machines-Red Plane--$1ea

1997 Little Louie Fox Kids-Louie on Bike with Huffy in Sidecar--$2ea


1996 Timon and Pumba-Pumba in Bathtub, Timon in bush, Pumba Hula Dancer--$2


1994 2" Water Game with ceasar guy in dome catching rings on spear--$5


1990 Sea Watcher-Sip & Fish Linear Prism--$5

1993 Once Upon a Forest-Russell, Abigal, Edgar--$5ea


1991 Barney-Barney with crown, Barney in Raincoat--$3ea


1988 Land Before Time Hand Puppets-Spike--$5


1990 Reindeer Bendie-One with red gloves, One with green gloves--$4ea

Snowman Bendie--$3

1995 Runza Pogs-$.5ea

1996 Animal Twister Cube; Sealife Twister Cube--$3ea


1990 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Whistle with paper band--$4ea


1986 Blue Comb--$2

1996 Chucky chees Metal Van--$3

Chuck E. Cheese ball with picture of Chuck inside-$.50

Banjo Playing Dog--$2

Chuckie Cheese PVC-$2

Munch PVC--$2

FATZ and Keyboard PVC--$2


1989 Brown Bag Juniors-The Fonz--$4

1996 Wacky Skater-Girl with brown ponytail & purple lipstick--$3

1996 Food Racer-Icecream Cone--$3ea

1997 Airhog-In blue striped shorts--$3ea

1997 Kid in Skateboard--$3ea


1991 Hacky Sack Balls-Duck girl, Peter Pickle--$2ea

1996 Bobby's World-Bobby in Shorts--$3

1996 Spiderman Car--$3ea

1997 Eek the Cat--Annebelle in Cake--$3ea

1997 Green Racer--$2ea

1997 Kid's Pack-Race Car, Snap itz--$2ea

1997 Simpson's-Homer chasing donut--$3


1993 The Busy World of Richard ScaryRECALLED-Huckle Cat Finger Puppet--$5ea

1995 Flintstones Stampers-Fred, Dino, Barney--$2ea

1995 Mutant Mix-ups-Green rino, Blue Dinosaur, Lt Green Dinosaur, Pink Elephant, Torquiose Lion, Orange Orangatang, Orange Wild Boar--$2ea

1995 Taco Bell-Taco,Nacho sticker dispenser, Dog , Couch, Dice shaker--$2ea

1995 Earthworm Jim-Jim in Spaceship(no pull thing), bob in fish bowl, Jim with popping head, Puddy puppy and Monster --$1ea

1996 Goosebumps-Slappy Candy Keeper, Skull Mobile, Mummy, Horrible Hampster--$1ea

1996 Tick-Tick--$4ea; Charles the Brain, Blue tick on wheels--$3ea

1997 Batman & Robin-Mr Freeze Asylum w seeds, Bat Signal-$4ea

1997 Star Wars, Spinning Death Star,Yoda--$2ea

1997 Mask-Smokin Day Mold--$2

1997 Nacho & Dog Ball--$2ea


1992 Targeteers-Ashley,Ramon--$4

1994 Snow Domes-Martinque the Bichon Puppy, Fluffy the Kitten--$3

1994 Muppet Twister-Purple, Torquoise--$2

1995 Hillshire Wiener-Weight lifter, Bicycler--$4ea


1984 Wendy and the Goodstuff Gang-Happy Moodle--$7(RARE)

1985 Good Stuff Gang-Cool Stuff(lt blue); Over Stuffed(flesh, rose), Lite Stuff (flesh, aqua); Sweet Stuff(magenta), Hot Stuff(Flesh)--$3ea

1986 Saurus Sports Balls-Basballasaurus--$3

1987 Teddy Ruxpin-Teddy(not flocked)-$5

1988 Potato Head Kids-Slugger

1989 Alien Mix-ups-Yello-boid--$4

1989 All Dogs Go To Heaven-Charlie, Flo, King Gator, Carface, Itchy--$3ea

1989 Glo Bugs-Snugbug, granny bug, Butterfly, Bookbug, Cricket--$1ea

1989 Jetson Vehicles-Mr. Spacely, Elroy, Judy, Astro--$3

1990 Alf-Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin and His Lamp--$3ea

1991 Yogi Bear & Friends Gliders-Yogi, Cindy, Snagglepuss--$3ea

1991 Wacky Windups--Frosty, Meal Box, Fries, Potato, xmas hamburger, Jolly Hamburger--$3ea

1992 Blue Jalopy-$2

1992 Speed Bumpers-Bump, Crusher--$2ea

1993 Yellow Beauty Queen Pull Apart Marker, Pink Surfer Dude Pull Apart Marker--$2ea

1993 Jeston Space Gliders-Elroy, Astro, Judy--$3ea

1994 Good Sports--Pullback Fullback no accessories--$1

1994 Cybercycles-Green, purple, red, Gold--$1ea

1994 Writers-Blue Camper, Orange Cowboy--$3ea

1995 Animal Writers-Giraffe, Alligator, Dog--$3ea

1995 Cartoon Network-Scooby Laying on Raft--$3

1995 Techno Tow 3-Bulldozer car, Bullet Car-$2

1995 Yellow dinosaur Hatching out of Yellow Egg car--$3

1995 Wendy Baseball Man Ball--$2

1995 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego-Pocket Travel Guide/Binoculars--$3

1995 Turtle in egg--$3

1996 Casper-Casper squirter--$2

1996 Hot Pink Surprise Egg with Purple Turtle inside--$3

1996 Yelllow Dinosaur driving blue log car--$3

1996 Purple Car with Accordian Tube in Middle, Green Car Red Lips, Red Jolopy Smily face, Slit apart molasses Truck--$1ea

1996 Bike Trax-Green Guy in Yellow Helmet Peddling Tricycle--$2

1996 Gold Warrior in red chariot--$3

1996 Robot Game-Purple Space Ship--$3

1996 Warrior on Bird on Wheels--$1

1996 Split Cars-Yellow Molasses Truck--$2

1997 Felix The Cat-Felix with Ball on string Game--$3

1997 Bruno the Kid-Bruno in Blue Boat--$2ea

1997 Coca Cola Wacky Biker Squirter--$3ea


Pocket Puzzler-Roger Rhino, Heather Hot Spot--$6ea

1997 Golden Look Look Books-Muppet Kids in Piggy Takes a Dance--$2


1989 White Castle Family-Sir Wincelot--$5

1990 Fat Albert & Friends-Russell, Dumb Donald--$15ea

1991 Castleburger Dudes-Castleburger Dude--$5ea

1991 Push and go Go Go- Boat, Bullldozer, plane -$3


If you have comments or suggestions, or would like to place an order, email me at  Burgertoys@gmail.com