McDonald's Plush Toys

Here they are! McDonald Characters Beanies-Ronald, Hamburglar, Grimice MIP, These are ADORABLE. Not easy to get--$30.00 set of three

1981 Ronald Mini 5"--$7ea

1988 Muppet Babies-Kermit(slight wear no hat)$3, Ms. Piggy $4, Ms. Piggy w tag $6, Fozzie(no hat)$3, Fozzie w tag $6

Japanese 10" Birdie w one inch tag on tail with M on one side and japanese writing on the other--$20   PHOTO

1996 Canadian Muppet Hockey Dolls-MINT IN PACKAGE--Fozzie--$8ea

1996 Canadian Muppet Hockey Dolls Loose-Fozzie, Kermit(no sticks)-$5ea

1996 Spacejam-Babs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Purple Nerdluck, Taz--$4ea(N0 Tags)

1996 Spacejam-Taz-MINT IN PACKAGE--$7.50


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