McDonalds Mint in Package.

1985 Fast Macs-Birdie--$6ea

1986 Lego-Set B, Set C, Set D--$8ea

1987 Berenstain Bears-Sister,Brother, Papa, Mama--$6ea

1987 Food Changeables-Egg McMuffin-$6ea

1987 Fraggle Rock-Red Fraggle, Boober & Wimbley Fraggle--$4ea

1987 Muppet Babies-Ms. Piggy in Car, Fozzi on Horse--$6ea

1988 Duck Tales-Scrooge McDuck in car, Webby on Tricycle, Huey Dewy and Louie on Surf Ski, Launchpad in Airplane--$6ea

1988 Flintstone Kids-Barney, Wilma, Fred--$18ea; Betty-$22ea

1988 Mac Tonight-Surf Ski w/wheels, Scooter, Sports Car, Motorcycle, Airplane, Off Roader--$4ea

1988 McNugget Buddies-Volley McNugget, First Class, Cowpoke, Snorkel, Drummer, Corney w Beige Belt, Corny w Red Belt, Sarge, Sparky, Rocker, Boomarang --$5ea

1988 Mickey's Birthdayland-Donald in train engine, minnie in convertable, mickey in roadster, Pluto's Rumbler, Goofy's sport's Coupe--$5ea

1988 New Food Changeables-Hotcakes, Turbo cone, Sm Fry, Cheeseburger, Gallecta Burger, Lg Fires, Shake, Big Mac--$5ea

1988 Olympic Sports II Clip on Button-Hamburglar--$8ea

1988 Oliver & Co.-Georgette(Small finger size hole in bag)-$4ea

1989 Camp McDonald-Ronald Collapsible Cup, Birdie Camper Kit, Fry Kids Utensils--$5ea

1989 Funny Fry Friends-ZZZ, Gadzooks, Hoops, Sweet Cuddles, Matey, Rollin Rocker, Too Tall, Tracker--$5ea

1989 Jungle Book-Baloo the Bear, King Louie, Kaa the Snake, Shere Khan the Tiger--$5ea

1989 Little Mermaid-Prince Eric and Sebastian in Boat, Ursula, Ariel--$5ea

1989 Mix-em up Monsters-Corkle, Blibble, Thugger--$6ea

1989 Peanuts-Lucy and her Applecart, Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy--$4ea

1989 Legos-1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B--$6ea

1989 Tailspin-Wildcat flying machines, Baloos Seaplane, Kits Racing Plane, Molly's Biplane-All Die Cast--$3ea or $10 set

1989 Garfield-Motorcycle w Odie in Sidecar, Skateboard, 4-wheeler, Scooter--$5ea

1990 Rescuers Down Under-Wilber, Jake, Cody, Bernard and Bianca--$3ea

1989 Rescue Rangers-Chip's Whirly Cupter, Gadget's Rescue Racer, Monterey Jack's Propel-A-Phone, Dale's Roto Roadster--$5ea

1989 Tom & Jerry Band-Spike with Bass, Jerry w drums--$8ea; Tom with Keyboard, Droopy with Mic--$18ea

1990 Beach Toy-Fry Kid Super Sailer--$5

1990 Carnival-Grimace in Turn around, Hamburglar on Ferris Wheel, Ronold on Carousel, Birdie on Swing--$8ea

1990 Flip Cars-Montana Max & gogo Dodo, Elmyra & Buster Bunny, Hampton & Dizzy Devil, Babs Bunny & Plucky Duck--$3ea

1990 Fry Benders-Grand Slam, Freestyle, Roadie, Froggie--$9ea

1990 McDino Changables-Cone, Nuggets, lg fries, Happy Meal Box, Cheeseburger, Big Mac, Shake, Hotcakes--$4ea

1990 Nature's Helpers-Yellow rake with marigold seeds, Double Digger w Cucumber Seeds, Bird Feeder--$5ea

1990 Piggsburg Piggs-Portly Pighead on Cycle with Sidecar, Rembrandt in Barnyard Hot Rod, Huf & Puff on Catapult, Piggy and Quackers on Crate Racer--$6ea

1990 Rescuers Down Under-Wilber, Jake, Cody, Bernard and Bianca--$4ea

1990 Super Mario Brothers-Luigi, Mario, Little Goomba, Koopa Paratrooper--$3ea

1991 Astronauts-Lunar Rover, Space Shuttle, Satellite Dish--$4ea

1991 Hotwheels-55 Chevy(Yellow or White), 57 T-Bird(Tourquoise or Red), Camero Z-28(Orange or Purple), 63 Corvette(Green or Black)--$5ea

1991 Barbie-All American, Costume Ball, Hawaiin Fun, Ice Capades, My First Barbie, Happy Birthday, Wedding Day Midge, Lights and Lace--$6ea

1991 Batman--Batmobile, Batman Press and Go Car, Penguin Umbrella Roadster, Catwomen in Coupe--$3ea

1991 Crazy Vehicles-Ronald McDonald Buggy, Hamburglar Train, Grimace Car, Birdie Airplane--$6ea

1991 Alvin & Chipmonks-Brittany w Jukebox, Theodore w Rap Machine, Simon w Movie Camera--$10ea

1991 Good Morning-Ronald Clock, Connectible Comb--$5ea

1991 Hook-Rufio, Mermaid--$3ea

1991 Stencil & Crayons-Grimace Space--$5ea

1991 Mighty Mini-Cargo Climber, Dune Buster--$5ea

1991 Superheroes-Bugs as Superman, Petunia Pig as Wonder pig, Taz as Taz flash--$3ea

1991 Tiny Toons-Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Elmyra, Sweetie, Dizzy Devil--$4ea

1992 Fitness Fun-Football, Basketball, Jump Rope, Water Bottle--$4ea

1992 101 Dalmations-Cruella De Ville, Lucky, Pongo, Colonel & Sergeant Tibs--$5ea

1992 Back to the Future-Doc's Delorean, Einstein's Traveling Train--$2 each

1992 Barbie-Light & Lace, First Barbie, Ice Capades--$5ea

1992 Cabbage Patch Kids-Ali Mari "Tiny Dancer", Jessica Wallace Holiday Pageant, Mimi Cristina All Dressed Up, Linsey Elizabeth Holiday Dreamer, Jennifer Lauren Fun on Ice--$3ea

1992 Dinosaurs-Baby Sinclair, Earl(wear on packages)--$2ea; Earl nice package $2ea

1992 Wild Animals-Elephant--$10ea

1992 Hot Wheels Mini Streex-Night Shadow, Turbo Flyer, Blade Burner--$3ea

1992 Nature's Watch-Double Shovel, Rake, Greenhouse--$4ea

1992 Behind the Scenes-Animation Wheel--$5ea

1992 101 Dalmations-Lucky, Pongo, Cruella, Mr. Tibbs--$5ea

1992 Mystery of Lost Arches-Phone/Periscope, Flashlight/Telescope, Magic Lens Camera--$4ea

1992 Food Fundamentals-Slugger the Steak, Ruby the Apple, Milly Milk--$3ea

1992 Halloween McNugget Buddies-McNuggula--$5ea

1992 Nickelodeon game Gadgets-Blimp Game, Applause Paws, Gotcha Gusher--$3ea

1992 Out for Fun-Ronald Balloon Ball, Bubble Shoe Wand, Sun Glasses--$2ea

1992 Quackup Cars-Porky's Ghost Catcher, Taz Tornado Tracker, Bugs Super Stretch Limo, Daffy Splittin Sportster--$3ea

1992 Snow White-Prince & Horse, Queen Witch, Bashful, Sleepy, doc, Dopey and Sneezy, Snow White and well, Happy and Grumpy--$3ea

1992 Tonka-Dump Truck, Backhoe,Cement Mixer, Loader, Firetruck--$4each

1993 Attack Pack-Orange Pickup--$4ea

1993BARBIE--Lights & Lace, First Barbie, Ice Capades-$6ea

1993 Batman Animated-2-face, Batgirl, Batman, Catwomen, Poison Ivy,--$4ea

1993 M-Squad-Spytracker, Spy Coder, Soy Noculars, Spy Stamper--$4ea

1993 Field Trip-Nature Viewer, Leaf Printer, Kaleidescope--$3ea

1993 Flintstones-Pebbles, Dino and Toys-s-airis. Betty, Bam-Bam and Roc Donalds, Wilma & Flintstone House, Fred & Bedrock Bowl-a-rama, Barney & Fossil Fill-up--$2.50ea

1993 HotWheels-McDonald Thunderbird, McDonald Funny car, McDonald Dragster, Hot Wheels Funny Car, Duracell #88, Hotwheels Camaro #1, Hot Wheels Dragster, Quaker State #62--$3ea

1993 Linkables-Birdie on Tricycle, Grimace in Wagon, Ronald in Soapbox Racer, Hamburglar in Airplane--$6ea

1993 Totally Toy Holiday-Attack Pack--$2ea

1994 Earthdays-Globe Terrarrium, Binoculars, Tool Carrier w Shovel--$3ea

1994 Amazing Wildlife-Tortoise, Chimpanzee, Polar Bear, Camel, Lion, Koala--$2ea

1994 Animainiacs-Pinky and the Brian Mobile, Mindy & Button Wild Ride--$2ea

1994 BARBIES-Twinkle Lights Barbie, Birthday Party Barbie, Hollywood Hair Barbie, Paint and Dazzle Barbie, Western Stampin Barbie, My First Ballerina, Romantic Bride Barbie, Secret Hearts--$3ea

1994 Bobby's World-Wagon /Race Car, Innertube/Submarine, 3 Wheeler/Spaceship--$3ea

1994 Cabbage Patch Kids-Kristina Maria, Kimberly Katherine, Michelle Elyse, Abigal Lynn, Mimi Kristina--$3ea

1994 Happy Birthday Train-Set of 15--$60ea

1994 Hot Wheels-Turbine 4-2, 2 Cool, Street Shocker, Blackcat, X21J Cruiser, Bold Eagle--$3ea

1994 Magic School Bus-Fossil Finder, Bus Collector Card Kit, Undersea Adventure Game--$5ea

1994 Makin Movies-Clapboard with Chalk--$6; megaphone, movie camera, sound machine--$2.50ea

1994 Mickey at Epcot Center-Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip, Dale, Donald, Daisey--$3ea

1994 Muppet Workshop--Dog, Bird, Monster-$2ea

1994 Polly Pocket-Locket, Ring--$4ea

1994 Sonic and the Hedgehog-Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles--$3ea; Miles Tails Prower(recalled)--$5ea

1994 Spiderman-Dr. Octopus with moving tentacles, Venom Transporter, Hobgoblin Landglider, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Spiderman Webrunner--$3ea

1995 Disney 40th Anniversary Viewers - Splash Mountain, Winnie the Pooh, Alladin,  Jungle Cruise, Simba in Lion King, Peter Pan, Roger Rabbit--$3 ea

1995 Aladdin the Home Video-Jasmine, Matre D'Genie, Aladdin, Genie, Saluk, Iago--$3ea

1995 Animainiacs-Wakko & Yakko& Dot, Good feathers, dot & Ralph, Mindy & Buttons, Hip Hippos--$2ea

1995 Attack Pack-Truck, Lunar Invader, Battle Bird, Sea Creature--$1.50ea

1995 BARBIE-Jewel & Glitter Shani, Locket Suprise Ken, Locket Suprise Barbie, Camp Barbie, Jewel & Glitter Bride Barbie, Bridesmaid Skipper, Butterfly Princess Teresa--$3each

1995 Busy World of Richard Scary-Bananas gorilla & grocery store, Cat in Car & Schoolhouse, Mr. Frumble and Fire Station--$4ea

1995 Hot wheels-Hot Hubs Series #9; Dark Rider Series#8, Roarin Red, Krackle Car--$3ea

1995 Littlest Pet Shop-Dragon--$2ea

1995 Masterpiece Video-Robinhood, Aristocats, Pocahontas--$5ea

1995 Mighty Max-Mighty Max Playset--$2ea

1995 Muppets-Fozzie Tub Toy, Kermit, Ms Piggy--$2ea

1995 Transformers-Manta ray--$3ea

1995 Babe-Cow, goose, babe, sheep--$3ea

1995 Hot Wheels-Vehicle with Ramp--$5ea

1995 Space Rescue-Space slate, Lunar Grabber, Astro Viewer--$3ea

1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Yellow Ranger with Bear Ninjazord, Red Ranger with Ape Ninjazord, White Ranger with Falcon Ninjazoid--$6ea (These were sold over the counter six in the set)

1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Powermorpher Buckle, Alien Detector, Power Com, Power Siren-$3ea

1995 Totally Toy Holiday-Fisher Price Once Upon a Dream Princess Figure, Mighty Max Playset, Polly Pocket Playset--$4ea

1995 VR Trooper-Wrist Spinner, Visor, Kaleidascope, Virtualizer--$3ea

1995 What Should I be for Halloween-Hamburglar, Grimace--$4ea

1996 BARBIE-Bubble Angel Barbie, Lifeguard Barbie--$5ea

1996 101 Dalmation Snow Globes-Snowman in Box, 101 sign in box--$6ea

1996 Eric Carle Finger Puppets-house for a hermit crab, very lonely firefly, very busy spider, very quiet cricket, Grouchy Lady Bug--$3ea

1996 Halloween McNuggets-Ronald, Rockstar, Spider, Dragon--$3ea

1996 McD Characters Noise Makers-Birdie, Ronald--$3ea

1996 Marvel Super Heroes-Storm, Thing, Spiderman, Jubilee, Wolverine, Human Torch, Hulk--$3ea

1996 Space Jam-Sylvester & Tweety, Monster, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, Lola Bunny--$3ea

1996 Twist-a-zoid-Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4, Set 6, Set 7, Set 8--$3ea

1997 Animal Pals-Brown Bear, Yak, Moose, Rhinoceros--$2ea

1997 BARBIE- Olympic Barbie, Japanese Barbie--$3ea

1997 Beetleborgs-Titainium Silver Beetleborg Covert Compact, Beetle Bonder, Chromium Gold Beetleborg Covert Compact, Stinger Drill, Platinum Purple Beetleborg Covert Compact, Hunter Claw--$3ea

1997 Hunchback of Notre Dame-Hugo Horn, Juggling Balls--$2ea

1997 That's My Ronald Cassette--$5ea

1997 Masterpiece Videos--Set of 8-$25 set

Pete's Dragon, Lionking, Toy Story, 3 Caballeros--$3ea(boxes but no plastic sleeves)

1997 Micro Machines-Deep Sea Hunter--$1.50ea

1997 Mighty Ducks-Nosedive, Wildwing, Mallory, Duke L'Orange--$2ea

1997 Skydancers-Flutterfly, Princess Pegasus, Rosemerry, Swan Shimmer--$3ea

1997 Sleeping Beauty-Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip, Flora, Dragon, Raven--$3ea

1997 Hercules-Complete set--$30;Zues and Rock Titan, Hermes and Wind titan, Baby Pegasus & Lava Titan, Calliope & Ice Titan, Megara & Pegasus, Pain & Cyclops, Panic & Fates--$4ea

1997 Jungle Book $18 set

1997 Jungle Book-King Louie, Mowgli--$3ea

1997 Hot Wheels-Ambulance, Taxi, Police Car, Fire Truck, Tow Truck--$3ea

1997 Little Mermaid ALL GOLD Boxed Set with certificate of authenticity--$28

1997 Little Mermaid-Eric,Sebastian, Scuttle, Ursula--$3ea

1997 101 Dalmations Flip Cars-Set of 8--$20

1997 Transformers-Dinobot, Scorponock, Blackarachnia--$4ea

1997 My Little Pony-Sundance, Light Heart, Ivy--$2ea

1997 Teenie Beanies-Complete set original Teenies--$75 set

1998 Peter Pan-Smee Light, Glider, Activity Tool--$3ea

1998 Bug's Life--Set of 8--$25

1998 Tamagotchi--Set of 9--$20

1998 Simba's Pride-Kovo, Timon, Rafiki--$2ea

1998 Hercules-Phil Megaphone, Whistling Discus--$2ea

1998 Animal Kingdom-Rhino, Cheetah, Elephant, Iguanadon, Lion, Triceratops, Gorilla & Baby--$3ea

1998 Barbie-Wedding Rapunzel Barbie, Rapunzel Barbie, Angel Princess Barbie, Blossom Beauty Barbie--$4ea

1998 Halloween McCharacters-Set of 6--$20

1998 Barbies-Teen Skipper, Barbie, Eatin Fun Kelly, Bead Blast Christie--$3ea

1998 Teenie Beanies-Complete Set--$45 set

1999 Toy Story 2 Candy Dispensers-Hamm, Buzz, Potatohead--$5ea

1999 Toy Story 2 Complete Set--$55 set

1999 Nascar Hotwheels-Ronald Nascar, 50th Anniversary Nascar, Hotwheels Nascar, Mac Tonight Nascar--$3ea

1999 Barbie-Yo Yo Skipper, Bowling Party Stacie, Giggles N Swing Kelly, Happin Hair Teresa, Sleeping Beauty Barbie--$3ea

1999 Teanie Beanie Babies-Spunky Cocker, Smoochy Frog, Nuts Squirrel, Freckles Leopard--$3ea

1999 Disney Favorites Train-Set of 8--$25

1999 Mystic Knights-Angus, Ivar, Torc--$2ea

1999 Doug's First Movie-Doug, Quatman, Doug Treasure Keeper--$3ea

1999 Winnie the Pooh Clip Ons-Moose, Eeyore, Tigger, Roo, Piglet--$3ea

1999 Recess-Gus, TJ--$2ea

1999 Inspector Gadget-Set of 8--$30 set

1999 Lego-Set of 8--$28 set

1999 Furbies-Set of 8--$20

1999 Mulan-Set of 8--$24

1999 Hunchback of Notre Dame-Hugo Horn, Juggling Balls-$2ea


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