United Airlines Toys


1999 KFC Colonel Sanders set of 14-All dress in different country outfits-$100 set

1999 Extreme Sports-Birdie on Jet Ski, Hamburglar on motocycle, Ronald on Skateboard, Grimace on rollerblades with ramp-$30 set

1998 Singapore Snoopy World Tour Set of 28 MIP-This is a great set of Snoopys in costumes from 28 countries. Take a look at the photo. $225 set of 28.

1998 Japan Nagano Set MIP-Grimace Skijumper, Ronald in Bobsled, Birdie Luger, Hamb-urglar Hockey Player-$40 set

1998 Japan Reversible Vehicles(MIP)-Hamburglar, Ronald, Birdie, Grimace--$28 set

1998 Beauty & Beast Enchanged Christmas-5 pieces-$40set

1998 Beauty & Beast-Set of 4 action pieces-$40 set

1998 UK Flubber-Robin in Convertible, Robot, Flubber in Machine, Weeblo--$7ea

1998 Winnie the Pooh's Most Grand Adventure Windups Singapore-Set of 4--$45ea

1998 UK Animal Kingdom-Minnie in Forilla Falls, Goofy in Dinoland, Mickey on Safari, Donald on the River--$40set

1997 Canadian Official Olympic Watches-Set of 4 great looking watches made by time tech a joint venture of Seiko. 2 year warranty on battery and movement Limited Edition Black band, silver trim; White watch and band country flags on band, Smaller face, blue trim, white band; Black diver's watch style(Mint in Boxes)--$18 each

1997 Japanese Snoopy-Snoopy in Yellow Sweater, Snoopy w Backpack and Scout Hat, Snoopy in Flight Hat-7.50 each

1997 Australian Funland Playgrounds-Grimace on Swingset, Ronald on Slide, Birdie on Seasaw, Hamburglar on Round a bout--MIP $28 set

1997 New Zealand Hamburglar Spoon-$5ea

1997 Disneyland & Friends-Donald Duck in Cave of Wonder, Daisy Duck in Small World Clock Tower, Mickey Mouse in Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Minnie Mouse in Toontown House--$25 set These are the same as Disneyland Paris except Donald is in Cave of Wonder instead of round orange building( See photo below on loose foreign)

1997 Mighty Dinos-Triceratops, Pterdactyl, Ankylosaurus, Stegasaurus-$24 set

1997 KFC Casper & Friends Train Set of 4--$20 set

1996 Funballs-Ronald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie--$16 set

1996 German Smurfs Set of 10-These are too cute with M logos on the back of their heads and one carries a burger, one an M logo, one a bun. Set of 10 MIP $65

1996 Japan Safari-Birdie on Raft--$6ea

1996 Australian McD I.Q Challengers-Sundae, Drink, Big Mac, Fries--$12ea(aprox 5"tall)

1996 Goofy Movie-set of 4--$30set

1996 Pocket Macs-Hamburger, Fries, Shake, Soda--Set of 4--$40

1996 UK Toy Story Set of 5--$45 Set

1996 X-Ray Rider-Birde in airplane, Ronald in Car, Grimace in Firetruck, Hamburgler in Train--$8ea

1996 Year of the Ox-4 pieces-$40 set

1996 KFC Australian Toy Story figures on puzzle bed-Set of 4--$50

1995 Airport-Set of 4--$32set

1995 Barbie-Holding wand with butterfly on dress,Barbie holding brush standing in front of mirror--$5ea

1995 German Mc Rapin Foods-Shake, Fries, Fish, Hamburglar--$28set

1995 Grimace McTurbo-$5ea

1994 Aristocats-Set of 4--$30set

1993 Burger King UK Tazmaniz Crazies-Set of 4--$50set

1992 Revups-Birdie on Scooter--$5ea

1990 Muppet Babies-Baby Gonzo in Green Plane. Baby Kermit, Ms. Piggy--$6ea

1989 Canadian Super Mario Brothers--Luigi--$5ea

1989 Canadian Garfield-Garfield on Skateboard, Garfield on Scooter, Garfield in Blue Jeep--$4ea

1989 Canadian Looney Tunes-Sylvester & Tweety in Blue Plane, Daffy Duck in Yellow car--$5ea

1989 Canadian Peanuts Popmobiles-Woodstock, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy--$6ea

1988 Canadian Turbo Macs-Ronald, Hamburglar, Grimace--$6ea

1986 Canadian Legos-#1 Red Truck, #3 Helicopter, #4 Airplane--$7ea


Japanese 10" Birdie one inch Tag on tail with M and Japanese writing--$20


1998 Beauty & Beast Enchanted Christmas-Set of 5 Musical-$30 set

1998 UK Flubber-Robot w Arms, Weeblo-$6 ea

1997 Aladdin Racers-Set of 4-$16 set

1997 Disneyland & Friends-Donald in Cave of Wonder, Daisy Duck in Small World Clock Tower, Mickey Mouse in Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Minnie Mouse in Toontown House--(These are loose but come with the packages)--$20 set (This set is the same as Disneyland paris except Donald is in Cave of Wonder instead of orange and blue round building. See picture below.)

1997 Sky Spinner-Ronald, Birdie, Grimace, Hamburglar--$5ea

1996 Disneyland Paris-Daisy in Small World Clock Tower--$4ea

1996 Safari-Birdie on beach catching a BIG fish,Grimace in Hula Skirt, Ronald in Hammock, Fryguys Totem Pole--$5ea

1996 101 Dalmation Movie Mate-Bathtime for Jewel, Bedtime for Lucky, Playtime for Wizzer, Drivetime for Cruella De Ville--$5ea

1996 Funballs-Ronald, Birdie, Grimace, Hamburglar--$3ea

1996 Superman Metallic Collectibles-Set of 4--$22.50 set

1996 UK Toy Story-Set of 5, Woody, Buzz , Dolly, Piggy, Dinosaur---$30 set

1996 Year of the OX-Set of 4--$30 set

1996 Goofy Movie-Goofy Putting on Glasses, Goofy w Chain Saw--$4ea

1996 Pocket Macs-Set of 4(samll mark on back of sunday)$20 set

1996 Burger King sports Stadiums-Kid Vid on Race Track, Girl on Gymnastics Bar--$10 each

1995 Animal Squirt guns-Toucan, Shark--$4ea

1995 Barbie-Barbie on music note stand holding radio--$4ea

1995 Darkwing Ducks-Set of 4--$12 set

1995 UK Looney Tune Train-$25 set

1995 McFarm-Ronald on Tractor-$4

1995 Pocahontas-Pocahontas rowing canoe, John Radcliffe with Percy--$5ea

1995 Rodeo-Hamburglar In Ropin Outfit, Grimace on Bucking Bronco--$2.50 ea

1995 Speedsters-Grimace, Birdie, Hamburglar, Ronald--$6ea

1995 Turbo Grimace in green car--$4ea

1994 Aristocats- Pair of Siamese Cats, --$5ea

1994 Big Buddies-Ronald, Hamburglar, Birdie--$5ea

1994 Flintstones-Roc Donalds Restaurant with Movie characters stickers on sides, Bedrock RTD Bus, Fred on work dino--$5ea

1994 Flintstones Gadgets-Mastadon Squirter, Dictabird, Pigasaurus, Lobster Mower--$5ea

1994 Flinstones Stationary Vehicles- Fred's Flintmobile, Bam Bam's Bedrock Memo Holder, Pebbles Trike Embosser, Barney's Rubblemobile--$5ea

1994 Drive & Fly-Hamburglar driving double decker bus, Birdie in Flip Car, Grimace in prop plane, Ronald in Red Car--$5ea

1994 Happy Birthday Train-Muppet Babies Kermit with Blue Tie; Ronald Engine(logo only no printing)--$5ea

1994 Mr. Kiasu-Everything also must grab, Everything also number one, Everything also I want, Everything also want extra--$10 each

1994 Oliver-Oliver on Taxi, Girl on Spinner, Dog in House--$7ea

1994 Year of the Dog-Set of 5--$40

1994 Burger King UK Tom & Jerry-Tom on Wheels with outstreached arms--$7

1993 Bambi-Bambi, Flower, Thumper, Owl--$5ea

1993 Barbie-Australian- Barbie in Pink Formal w Butterfly--$7ea

1993 Mctown-Fry Friends in Firehouse(no stickers), Birdie in Fruit Market, Ronald at Restaurant(no door)-$4ea

1993 Twistin Sports-Hamburglar lifting weights--$5ea

1993 X-men-Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Magnets--$5ea

1993 Year of the Rooster-Set of 4-$40set

1992 McRockin Foods-Shake-$5ea

1992 Rev-ups-Grimace on Skateboard, Hamburlar on Jet Ski, Birdie on Scooter, Ronald in Dragster--$3ea

1992 Year of the Monkey(playwear) Set of 4--$20

1991 McCharacters in Connect a Cars-Grimace, Birdie--$5ea

1989 Canadian Peanuts Popmobiles-Woodstock, Snoopy--$4ea

1988 Dragonettes-Set of 4, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple--$15 set

1988 Lunar New Year-4 Ronalds-(playwear)-$40set

PLUSH JAPANESE BIRDIE with small tag on tail in japanese--$20   PHOTO


1991 Ronald in White Plane; Ronald in Grey Plane--$5ea

1994 Ronald in 747 with Hanger--$7ea

1996 Ronald in Food Service Truck--$7ea

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