1989 Lickety Splits Rolling Racer-Carbo Cooler--$4ea

1989 Record Breaker-Shockwave--$3ea

1990 Action Figures-Kid Vid, Boomer--$4 ea

1990-Simpsons-Bart(No Background)--$4

1991 Archies-Betty-$3

1991 Beauty & the Beast--Cogsworth--$5ea

1991 GoGO Gadget-Scuba Gadget-$4

1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Rapheal Spike Button--$4

1991 Walt Disney World-Minnie, Roger Rabbit--$4ea

1992-Alladin-Princess on Tiger--$4

1992 Bonkers-Bonkers fall apart car, Piquel--$4ea

1992 Capitol Critters-Presidential Cat Spys on the Good Guys--$4

1992 Goofy Troop Bowlers-Pete--$3

1993 Top Kids-Jaws, Boomer--$4

1994 Aladdin Hidden Treasures-Abu, Aladdin, IagoJasmine & Rajah--$3ea

1994 Burger King All Star Sports Kids-Boomer Ice Hockey, Snaps Soccer--$5ea

1994 Lion King-Rafiki--$3ea

1994 Z-BOTs & Kid Club Caps-D3,5,6,8,9,11,12,19--$5ea

1995 Dino Racer-Orange--$3

1995 Gargoyles-stone Warrior(dog in cave), 3-D pop-up book "Color Mutation Bradway", Balencing Spinning

1995 Glo Force Dolls-Snappy, Jaws, I.Q.--$4

1995 Goofy Movie- goofy on bronco, in boat with fish--$3

1995 Kid Club Coolers-Jaws, Boomer--$3ea

1996 Hunchback of Notre Dame-Ezmeralda, Jester, Warrior, Frolo, tall Gargoyle,--$3ea

1996 M&M-Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red--$4ea

1996 Oliver and Company-Oliver, Little Girl in Green Row Boat, Cat on trash can, Two dogs in Black Limo, Dog on Race

1996 Pocahontas-Pocahontas, Percy, Tree, Indian, John Smith, Racoon, Fat Guy--$4ea

1996 Scooby Doo-Dog with Swinging Arms, scooby an Shaggy in graveyard, Scooby, Scooby and Girls in Casket--$3ea

1996 Timmons & Pumba-Pumba's Compass, Timmons--$2ea

1997 Anastasia-Pooka with eyeball--$3ea

1997-Cartoon Network Racing Cars-Fred and Dino in Log Car, Dupont Car, Scooby Car, Burger King Car--$3ea

1997 Planet Patrol-Jaws in spacesuit, Kid Vid with copter pack, IQ in green saucer--$3ea

1997 Land Before Time-Cera, Lightfoot, Ducky, Spike, Petrie, Chomper--$4ea

1997 M&M Minis-Secret Swarm Squirter, Pull Back Swarm, Chomping Teeth Swarm, Scoot & shoot buggy--$3ea

1997 Superman-Spinning Superman, Phonebooth, Lois Lane in Car, Superman with Cloth Cape, Balenicing Superman--$4ea

1997 Universal Studios Monsters-Frankenstein, Creature of the Black Lagoon, Dracula,Werewolf--$5ea

1997 Anastasia-Beanie Bartok, Rasputin, Green Coper, Anastasia--$3ea

1998 Mr. Potato Head-Fry Fryer, Hats Off, Spinning Spud, Speedster--$4ea 

If you have any questions or would like to place an order please email me at Burgertoys@gmail.com